7 Great Reasons to Work from Home

English: Rush hour, Liverpool Street

Whether you work from home on a permanent or part-time basis, you run your own business or you usually work in an office, there are great reasons for it:

1. You can work flexibly.  You're not tied to the 9-5 and you can plan your day around other non-work activities.

2. You can get up early or work late if you want to.  If you're an early bird or a night owl - start and finish your work day at a time that suits you and work at times when you're at your peak.

3. You don't need to shop when everyone else does - evenings and weekends.

4. You can create your own workspace - especially if you have a home office away from the noise and distractions of an open-plan office.

5. You avoid the congestion, stress and frustration of the daily rush-hour commute.

6. You can get away from the endless office interruptions - the 'have you got a minute' moments, the water cooler discussions.

7. You'll probably get a lot more done without the distractions of ringing phones, email and loud conversations.

You might even find time to exercise and take a lunch break while having a more productive day.

English: Rush hour, Liverpool Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Power of Teams

English: Tour of Britain
Every year I'm in awe of the Teams taking part in the Tour de France and now the Tour of Britain.

I only started watching it a few years ago and at the beginning didn't understand what on earth was going on.

The riders work as a well oiled machine - working together to get their man to the front at just the right moment - whether it's the sprinter, the hill climber or the leader hoping for the yellow jersey.

Using slip streaming to save energy and taking turns at the front of the 'train'.  Dropping back as a team to bring a key team member to the front who's fallen behind.  Making sure the leaders are fed and watered along the whole route.  Looking out for everyone else - it's not one rider, one race.

How they have the strength, determination and sheer guts to ride over 150km, often up hill and still have the energy to sprint to the line is impressive.

It takes hours of training and miles and miles in the saddle but just goes to show what the human body is capable of when you focus on the end goal.

English: Tour of Britain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Four Day Work Week

We work some of the longest working hours in Europe and this is linked to increased stress levels, sleep issues, reduced productivity and increased sick leave.

According to recent surveys in order to reduce stress levels across the workforce, we need to start working a four day week.

Sounds like a great idea, after all, in reality we probably only work at 60-80% productivity which would equate to four days (or less) in a normal working week.  So, if you increased your productivity you could get the same amount of work done but still be able to work just 4 days.

There's a lot to be said for reducing working hours down from the levels that I see and hear about on a regular basis.  Usually far more than the standard or contracted hours.

The European working time directive says that workers don't/shouldn't have to work more than 48 hours.  Although this doesn't apply to several sectors, where people either have control over their own hours.

Many people work far more than this, I've worked with people who were regularly working 80-100 hours.  Many people in senior positions often work long hours or find themselves working in the evenings and at weekend.

How much time do you waste in the average working week - either because you have too much to do and either spend time switching between tasks or you're distracted or constantly interrupted?

You could decide to work the same amount of hours but in four days and have the fifth day off.  This does result in longer working days but you get an extra day in the week to spend time with your family and friends, exercise and get a decent night's sleep which could all reduce your stress.

Greater flexibility around working hours leads to a happier, more motivated and productive workforce.

Increase your productivity, focus on what's important and you too can reduce your working hours.

Get in touch to find out ways to reduce yours.

Image Stuart Miles / FreedigitalPhotos.net