Yeah! It's Blue Monday

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Despite today being labelled as Blue Monday, there's no reason to be feeling down on this or any other day.

The sun is shining, the sky is blue. A lovely change from the rain and wind over the last few weeks.

After a flurry of snow at the weekend, the day's are getting longer and we're slowly but surely heading into Spring.

Even if you're counting the cost of Christmas, if you're overdrawn and running up debts on your credit cards or find you're struggling to make ends meet at this time of the year, make a decision to manage your money better.

If you're feeling the effects of over indulgence, make a commitment to improve your health - get active, eat a healthier diet and look after yourself this year.

If you've already fallen off the 'New Year Resolution' or Dry January bandwagon - don't give up, get back on track and keep going.

I've managed to commit to (and achieved) a daily yoga practice and completed the 7 Day Juice and Soup Challenge. I find it helps having the motivation of not only shifting a few of those Christmas pounds but seeing a tick every day of the year so far on my daily yoga schedule!

You can expect a few slip-ups along the way but that doesn't mean you've failed. Think about the reasons you want to change and commit to taking one or two steps to making those changes. Success breeds success.

If you try and do too much all at once or beat yourself up too often - you're more likely to give up completely. Change your habits one day at a time and celebrate your small achievements along the way.

Patience and persistence, focus and commitment will get you there.

If you want to make real and lasting changes - change your habits one day at a time with the 91 Day Challenge or if that's too much of a stretch - ask me about the 31 Day version.

Find your potential in 2016.

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How To Survive Christmas

Christmas Eve
Christmas can be stressful - particularly with all the added pressure that gets piled on at this time of year.

You've fought your way through the crowds of Christmas shoppers to grab the best bargains and stressed over the size of the gifts and whether you have enough.

Families who rarely speak to each other all year feel obliged to get together at Christmas and any underlying tension is bound to creep (or explode) out.

Since the start of November adverts have been showing happy, smiling people enjoying a snow-filled Christmas, sparkling lights, clinking glasses and plates of beautifully prepared food. Endless articles on the prefect present list (not a pair of socks in sight), how to wrap them, how to create a beautifully decorated home and what to cook for the festive season.

If you've been planning the 'perfect' Christmas - don't get stressed when things don't turn out quite as you hoped.  Guests turn up late, the turkey takes longer to cook than planned, the roast potatoes are burnt, the sprouts no-one eats have turned to mush, the tree has dropped all it's needles and the house has turned in to a war zone with feuding families and fractious children.

Don't panic!!

Make it as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

Plan what needs to be done on the big day. Prepare what you can in advance and work backwards so you can get the timings right (or as close as possible).  Don't go into meltdown just because everything isn't ready bang on time.

Get everyone to help out - whether it's peeling potatoes, setting the table, pouring the drinks or tidying/washing up afterwards.  There's no point feeling you have to do everything yourself, being a martyr and then complaining.

If they don't offer, just ask! Many hands make light work (unless it's a case of too many cooks in the kitchen).  Ask guests to bring a plate, prepare a dish or contribute in some way so you have less to do.

It's not necessary to have 10 different varieties of vegetable - some of which you've probably never cooked before and half of which no one will eat or to provide an endless conveyor belt of food and drink.

Drink plenty of water and soft drinks in between the alcoholic indulgence (if you do), so you avoid a crashing hangover, a headache and even worse temper and alcohol fuelled arguments.

Get out for some fresh air and exercise and have a good walk at least once, whether or not you have a dog that needs to get out too.  Apparently this is one of the things that people enjoy most about Christmas - the family walk.

Have a few store cupboard essentials or something in the freezer for when unexpected guests turn up. After the Christmas indulgence a cup of tea and a biscuit may be all they need!

A happy Christmas is one spent in the company of people you love and who love you.  Doing things you enjoy and yes, probably eating and drinking a little too much.

Remember to relax and enjoy the time spent with your family and friends, especially if you've been working hard all year. Be thankful for what you have and for those around you.

It doesn't have to be perfect to be a happy, enjoyable and stress-free time of the year.

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Are you good busy or bad busy?

One of the first things I frequently hear from clients, when we check-in at the beginning of a session, is they’re busy.  I ask whether it's ‘good busy’ or ‘bad busy’?  "What’s the difference?" they ask.

Good busy is when you’re focused on doing good work, being productive, working on high priority tasks, have plenty of clients and customers to work with and you’re not wasting time on less important tasks.

You feel the buzz of being busy, you’re motivated and in the flow.  Nothing phases you and everything gets managed, prioritised and slotted in.  You get to the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment when you see how much you’ve done.

Bad busy is when you’re ‘too’ busy.  Too much to do, too many people making demands on your time, rushing around from one thing to the next and not being particularly productive in the process.

You feel disorganised, overwhelmed and you’re chasing your tail. You’re pressured into working late and giving up your weekends to get everything done, you’re constantly trying to catch up and feeling stressed.

Which one are you?

Find out how you can be more Good Busy and less Bad Busy - get in touch and arrange a time for a free chat.